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Merry Christmas From 4Runner Lifestyle to Your Toyota 4Runner

Merry Christmas From 4Runner Lifestyle to Your Toyota 4Runner

Our Team at 4Runner Lifestyle are all avid 4Runner lovers and adventure seekers! We all drive 4Runners, so we decided to ask around and see what each team member here at 4Runner Lifestyle would pick if they could get something for their 4Runner! Here are the different products below either you or your 4Runner lover need for Christmas this year.



Up first we have a roof rack from Prinsu! This rack gives you the capability to add countless accessories to your 4Runner. With the option of being able to add a 40" Light Bar up top with the cut out in the wind deflector. This rack allows you to support a tent of your choice, mount cases, maxtraxs, rotopax, shovels, axes, etc. The possibilities are endless with this rack and opens up the door for different storage capabilities freeing up space inside your rig! 

Prinsu HERE

Prinsu Accessories HERE


Next up is adding some storage capabilities to your Toyota 4Runner. Roam has a few different options for sizes in case as well as color! Roam offers a 52L, 160L, 105L, 82L, 83L, and a 95L. All which are available in either Black, Slate, Desert Tan, or an OD Green. These heavy duty storage cases give you the capability to store items such as chairs, shovels, tools, an axe, recovery gear, or really any items that just float around the inside of your 4Runner. These cases also have an accessory that can be added to help out with organization in your case. The first is a Lid Organizer that can fit the 83L, 95L, and the 105L. This organizer gives you secured zipped pockets, see-through mesh pockets, and quick grab velcro pockets. The next product is a molle panel that fits into your roam case! This gives you more storage and mounting capability and is available for all sizes!

Roam Cases and Accessories HERE


This next product is one that can get you on the trail quicker and can make the ride a little bit more enjoyable as well! We have a blog that you can access HERE. These deflators can be set to a desired PSI for your off-road adventures. It includes a case to keep them all together and stored for when you need to use it. You simply put it on each tire and minutes later they are all aired down and you are ready to hit the trail. 

Tire Deflators HERE


Up next is the awning of all awnings. Roam recently came out with its' 270 Awning that  is one of the best in the game. This awning can be mounted either on the driver or passenger side. This awning gives you more shade with the wrap around protection for the sun. It is a free standing awning with nested legs made to withstand any inclement weather. 

Roam 270 ARC Awning HERE


These key fobs add a new look to your boring key fob. We have key fobs for your 3rd, 4th, and 5th gen 4runners and in multiple different colors. These key fobs are made out of an impact resistant ABS plastic that replaces your boring fob in minutes.  



When it comes to ditch lights we have plenty of options. The only two things you need are the brackets and the lights! For the bracket options you can either go with Cali Raised, Rago Fabrication, or CBI. When it comes to the lights the options are endless! You can choose Baja Designs, Cali Raised, Diode Dynamics, KC, and Heretic Studios! These help add some light up front and lets be honest it makes the 4Runner have a more rugged look! You can find all the ditch light options in the link below! 

Ditch Light Brackets HERE

Ditch Lights HERE


Speaking of a more rugged look, we have three different options for Ladders for the rear hatch on your 4Runner. These ladders have different uses, whether it is to mount stuff to them, use it to get to your rack or tent, or because you think it looks sweet you can't go wrong with any option! The first ladder is from C4, and it gives you the option of different accessories. This Ladder allows you to have the options to attach side steps, a rotopax bracket, or a mount option that lets you utilize the ladder how you wish. Up next is the Front Runner Ladder. This ladder is durable and built to last through any weather. It also gives you cushioned steps and a slick design that is timeless. The last option is a Prinsu ladder. Super simple install made of the same quality materials they use for their rack. Designed and made in the US this ladder comes powder coated and ready for install. 

C4 Ladder HERE

Front Runner Ladder HERE

Prinsu Ladder HERE


The next products are fan favorites from Ark! It is their Splash Guards and Mud Flap Deletes. The splash guards provide a full-coverage solution for your 4Runner whether it is stock or lifted. These thick custom guards were made with quality and durability in mind. The next product from Ark is the mudflap deletes. These replace your OEM mudflaps without leaving a hole in your wheel well that collects dirt and mud. It keeps it free from debris and gives you a clean look that Toyota should make your 4Runner have from the factory. 

Ark Splash Guard HERE

Ark Mudflap Delete HERE


Last but not least is every 4Runner owners weakness, patches. We have tons of different options of patches. It gives the headliner a sweet unique look and can add as many or few as you'd like! Sick design on the front and velcro on the back just slap it anywhere on the inside headliner and it is as easy as that!

Find Patches HERE


All of these products or mods were fan favorites and on the list for the members of the 4Runner Lifestyle team. We want to know what is on your list this year. Drop a comment down below of what you hope to be seeing under your Christmas tree this year! 

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