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Airing Down FAST and EASY

Airing Down FAST and EASY

AIRING DOWN? We have one of the quickest and easiest ways to get you there while on the trail.

When going off-road, on whatever terrain it may be, airing down is one of the easiest ways to improve your ride and traction. In a way, it gives your tire a bigger footprint whether it is in the dunes, the snow, rocky terrain, or even just a dirt road this gives you more traction and forces it to grip onto whatever terrain you are on.

There are plenty of different ways to get down to the desired psi, but without a doubt the easiest way are our 4runner lifestyle automatic tire deflators. These come in a set of four and are as easy as screwing it onto the valve and it will automatically stop at whatever psi you set the deflator to stop at. 

Yes, this means you can just walk to each tire and screw them on and walk away.  They will stop automatically when they hit the set PSI of your choosing!  That means no more sitting at each tire and waiting for air and constantly checking psi and going back to letting out air. 

Our Automatic Deflators do come with a zippable case as well so you can store them without them just being loose in the vehicle. 



Now these won’t come at any certain PSI, you will need to set it up yourself. This is super easy and we will show you how to do so below. 

  1. Decrease your tire to a desired number of PSI and check with a gauge
  2. Tighten your deflator completely 
  3. Screw your deflator onto your valve 
  4. Slowly loosen the top part of the deflator until you hear air start to come out
  5. Tighten up the lower ring to lock it in to the desired pressure you aired your tire down to
  6. Test on another full tire to see if it goes down to the desired psi
  7. Repeat on all other deflators

These deflators have a range of 6-30 psi. Depending on the terrain you will get tons of different preferences and opinions on what people think you should run depending on whether you are wheelin on snow, sand, rock, or just dirt. Below is our suggested PSI depending on terrain, but again these are just suggestions. Your PSI may vary depending on your rig and the speed you're traveling. It is definitely suggested to do your own research to see what is best for you! 

Dirt roads/Mountains/Woods: 25-30 PSI

Sand Dunes: 15-20 PSI

Snow: 15-20 PSI

Pavement: 40 PSI

These tire deflators get you aired down and on the trail 10x’s faster then individually airing down each tire. These are super compact in an awesome pouch and come with four deflators. If you have any questions leave them down below and happy offroading! 

Want to pick up a pair of Automatic Deflators for yourself?

You can find them on our site: HERE

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