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Introducing The All New Toyota Hilux GR Sport!

Introducing The All New Toyota Hilux GR Sport!

Toyota Hilux

The Toyota Hilux GR Sport was made to make everyone in America but did it actually work? This sporty off-road truck has tons of performance oriented upgrades and is designed for a high speed dune run on the weekends!

Toyota gave the Hilux GR Sport a wider track, improved suspension with stiffer springs, monotube dampers, redesigned wishbones, and bigger disc brakes. These come from the factory with 17 inch alloy wheels wrapped in an all terrain tire ready to take on any adventure! On top of that they also took the liberty of adding a skid plate, sliders, and rear recovery points.

Under the hood is a diesel workhorse with a 2,8 liter turbocharged inline-four that creates 221 horse power and 405 lb-ft of torque. This is coupled with an automatic transmission and of course a 4WD system.

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Alan - January 26, 2023

Would have to add larger wheels/tires to fill those huge fender flares. And get Toytec to build a lift for it..

Alan - January 26, 2023

How can we get these in the US…
If we ever do get a chance (affordable chance) I would love one.

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