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Car Camping in a Toyota 4Runner

Car Camping in a Toyota 4Runner

Maybe you're overlanding, maybe you just want to get out and enjoy some scenery, maybe it's a multiday trip. No matter the situation, trust us we know about car camping in a 4runner. 

Whether you are considering buying a 4runner, or looking for ways to make your own 4runner more capable or comfortable for car camping.. this is the place for you.

Now Roof Tents are obviously the Fancier and higher utility way to camp, however not everyone intends to do a roof top tent on their 4runner.  If you are interested in roof tents, you can check out some options over HERE on our site.

However in this article we are going to dive into some of the alternatives to a roof tent on the Toyota 4Runner.

I personally have been using my 4Runner as a hotel, and camping out of an SUV hundreds of times over the last 7 years.  I want to show you some of the most innovative, helpful, and just outright cool solutions for car camping out of a 4Runner, and trust me there are a lot!!



We aren't going to sugar coat it.  If you're a tall person, then you're gonna be in for a rough time, and by tall we mean like over 6 foot.  The interior of the toyota 4runner just isn't quite big enough for those who are on the tall side. However the majority of people won't have any trouble. 



Luno, your best friend for all things car camping:

Did you know there is a company thats entire business is making products for car camping?  well now you do, they are Luno, and holy $&%* I wish I had known about some of these products all the years I spent sleeping on the road. 

Thankfully Luno has included the 4Runner in their product lineup! This means there are a host of Luno products designed SPECIFICALLY for making car camping out of a 4Runner far more comfortable and doable.

You can find those products on our site right HERE.


4Runner Lifestyle Luno Air Mattress for Toyota 4Runner

The Luno Air Mattress:

When it comes to car camping, one of the most important and usually most frustrating things to deal with is finding an air mattress that fits inside the vehicle.  Sometimes it will taco against the sides, sit uneven against the folded seats, or not fit with the back hatch closed.  This can be incredibly frustrating and require you to relocate, or move gear in and out of the vehicle to make it work... well Luno has solved this problem for you.. Forever.

You will never need another air mattress again, and Luno Guarantees that.  These things are build like they were designed to be used outdoors, against lots of pointy sticks and rocks.  They are solid and thick enough you won't ever have to worry again about puncturing one and having to wake up on a hard, deflated mattress. 

The mattress itself Is also fitted EXACTLY to the shape of the interior of the Toyota 4Runner.  It even has bevels around the wheel well, which we have found works incredible because it allows you to use the little shelf over the wheel well as a tiny night stand. Absolutely incredible for car campers. 

Find the Luno Mattress HERE


Let's say you decided to give the comfortable Luno mattress a try. Luno takes it a step forward and gives you accessories to help make life a little more convenient for you when car camping in your 4Runner. 

Luno Car Privacy Curtain

This product turns your 4Runner into the ultimate sleeping space. It not only adds privacy, but it also blocks the sun and lets you continue to have a comfortable nights sleep. What is super nice is you can keep it installed in your car. No need to pack it up and put it away after every night, you can simply just slide the curtains over and you are good to go. 

Find the Car Privacy Curtain HERE

Luno Car Window Screens

These screens not only provide privacy while sleeping in the back of your 4runner, but it allows you to enjoy the crisp night air without having to worry about any bugs. This takes seconds to do, and includes two window screens for purchase for both rear doors. 

Find the Car Window Screens HERE

Luno Nightstand Organizer

This "nightstand" for your 4Runner is the perfect storage place for anything you might need while sleeping in the rear of your 4Runner. This comes with a microfiber-lined pocket specifically for your phone, a headlamp pocket with a translucent window for a reading light at night, and a removable pouch for added organization on the go if needed. 

Find the Luno Nightstand Organizer HERE


Luno Shoe Storage Bag 

Finding a spot for your shoes on the inside of your car can always be tricky. Especially if your day resulted in shoes that wouldn't make the cut in your parents house on the carpet let alone your sleeping space in your 4Runner. This storage bag is a water-resistant pouch that magnetically attaches to the side of your vehicle. This pouch has a mesh bottom that allows anything to drip out the bottom after a long day of hiking, and can fit either two pairs of tennis shoes or one pair of hiking boots. 

Find the Shoe Storage Bag HERE

Luno Car Camping Fan

This fan is small but it is definitely mighty. This 5" USB-powered fan has a hefty suction cup that sticks to the window and an articulating ball allowing you to put the fan in any direction that is desired. With the option of either low, medium, or high you will be able to stay cool as well as a subtle white noise to help you have a great nights rest. 

Find the Car Camping Fan HERE

Getting out and exploring has never been easier. Ditch the layers of blankets and sleeping bags you tried to use to make the inside of your 4Runner comfortable. With the Luno air mattress and accessories it has never been easier to make the inside of your car a safe and comfortable place for you to rest in between adventures. If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below! 

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Rachael - February 20, 2024

This is awesome! Hoping to purchase a 4runner and buy these items soon to car camp!

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