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Replace the Silver Valence on your Toyota 4Runner

Replace the Silver Valence on your Toyota 4Runner

The time has come! Since Toyota wouldn't take the initiative we decided we would! Time to rid your 4Runner of the ugly silver valence on the front and rear of you rig! This is a full replacement and completely changes the look of the front and rear of your 4Runner. 

This comes as a set for the front and rear, and is a direct replacement in a matte black. This high quality replacement will withstand the elements both on and off-road as opposed to a wrap or plasti dip, making this a no brainer addition to your rig. Install is super simple and should take about 45-60 minutes to complete, and even quicker if you are already familiar with what needs to be done! 

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So for the front valence you can either take the front bumper off, or keep it on. We decided to keep it on, and we walk you through on how to do that! 

  • You will need to take off the plastic air damp in order to access the valence, so there should be 6 bolts you will take off with a 10mm socket. 
  • After you remove the air damp you can either use a flat head or your finger to pop out the 13 clips that are holding the valence in place. To get an idea of where these are at you can just refer to the back side of the replacement valence! 
  • After removing the 13 clips you just remove the old valence and pop in the new valence piece. 
  • From there you just pop those 13 clips back in the same slots with the new valence. 
  • Then you are going to install the plastic air damp back and then you are finished with the front! 


For the rear valence you are going to have to take off your rear bumper. The hardest part about this is giving the rear bumper enough enough pull without you thinking you are gonna snap something off. 

  • Pop open the rear hatch and you will see 8 bolts that needs to be taken off with a 10mm socket. 
  • Then you need to use a flat head to pry off the middle plastic piece that surrounds the metal attachment that secures your hatch. 
  • Then you go on either side of your hitch receiver and remove two 10mm bolts. 
  • Then on the underside of the rear bumper before the wheel well there will be two more bolts and a pin. 
  • Moving into the wheel well you will have three bolts you will use the 10mm socket for and the rest are clips you pop off with a flat head. 
  • Then you just work your way around the rear bumper unclipping it as you go. You will need to tug on it a bit, it will feel like you are going to break it. You just need to take your time and it will pop off. 
  • After you have the rear bumper off there will be two pins you can pop off with a flat head and the rest are just the white clips you pop off. 
  • After you remove the old valence and put on the new one you just pop the two pins back in as well as all the clips you put in!
  • From there you just retrace your steps and enjoy your new front and rear valence! 


This install was pretty simple! Just take your time, really the hardest part were the 2 clips behind the crash bar for the front valence.  Other than that this install was a breeze, and really does change the look of the 4Runner. If you want to check out the install video for this product we will have that linked below! Any other questions or comments feel free to drop those below in the comment section! 

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