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2025 Toyota 4Runner will be Revealed April 9th

2025 Toyota 4Runner will be Revealed April 9th

We had another social media surprise from Toyota USA this morning about the 2025 Toyota 4Runner that shows us a couple of features the new model will have as well as some old ones that people love about the current generation 4Runner. Toyota has also given us a date of when we can expect to see the new 4Runner for the first time.



In a video posted by Toyota USA this morning we can clearly see that the 2025 4Runner will carry over the rear roll down window that so many people love about the current generation. Something interesting to point out in the video is it looks like the button to control this rear window has been moved from the center console up to the overhead controls that were occupied by the crawl control settings in the 5th generation model. 

We are also getting an updated interior on the new 4Runner with the same 14" optional touch screen that carries over from the 2024 Toyota Tacoma which should be Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatible. We should also expect the new 4Runner to come with an option between cloth and leather seats as well as a second row of seats. We can assume from the video that you will be able to fold these seats completely down which will open up a ton of cargo space. 

A photo was also posted by Toyota on their website showing redesigned tail lights and a new rear hatch on the 2025 model. Chrome roof rails and badging are seen in the picture as well which is something that we see on the current generation 4Runner. 

We are excited to see all the new features of the 2025 4Runner as well as engine, transmission, and trim options when it is revealed on April 9th! Make sure you stay tuned to 4Runner Lifestyle on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube for any updates on the 6th Generation Toyota 4Runner before its release next week!

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