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2025 Toyota 4Runner (Trailhunter Confirmed)

2025 Toyota 4Runner (Trailhunter Confirmed)

With the release of the 2025 Toyota 4Runner only one day away, Toyota USA posted another teaser image this morning showing the all new 2025 4Runner with a "Trailhunter" badge, rock sliders, and a new green paint color. The 2025 4Runner has come with a lot of speculation, one being if it will carry over the TRD Pro and Trialhunter trims from the new Tacoma. We now know it will carry over this trim as well as some new features revealed in the picture.



In the picture revealed by Toyota we can clearly see the Trailhunter badge which is an overland focused trim of Toyota vehicles that was first introduced as a concept on the Tundra back in 2022 and as an official trim on the new Tacoma last year. This is the first time we have seen the trim on a 4Runner and we are excited to see what modifications they add to the 2025 4Runner to make it overland ready!

We can also see that the Trailhunter will come standard with rock sliders which is a modification that protects the rocker panel of your vehicle when going over rocks or ledges. This is something that will greatly increase the capability of the 4Runner off road and something that many 4Runner owners will love to see straight from the factory. 

The 2025 4Runner looks like it will also be available in a new color. In the post by Toyota, the Trailhunter has a new green paint color we haven't seen on the Tacoma, Land Cruiser, or Tundra yet. It could be be a new special edition color known as "TRD Pro colors" that are introduced every year for the top model Toyota off road models but this is one we hope makes it to the other trim levels of the new 2025 4Runner. 

We are excited to see what the all new 2025 Toyota 4Runner looks like when it is finally revealed tomorrow at 10:15 ET. Make sure you stay tuned to 4Runner Lifestyle on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube for all the updates on the 2025 4Runner and check out our website if you want to turn your 4Runner into the perfect overland rig! 

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pete - April 25, 2024

would like information only on the new 2025 Toyota 4runner trailhunter.
would like to know & (see) all the coloers available for 2025 4runner trailhunter in black please!

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