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Meso Customs Interior Lighting Kit - Install and Product Review

Meso Customs Interior Lighting Kit - Install and Product Review

Interior lighting can completely change the look of the interior of your 4Runner. It gives your vehicle a more premium feel and makes it easier to find things inside your vehicle at night. Many companies have started to manufacture interior lighting in different colors like red and blue. Meso Customs is one of these companies that has added red lighting to its interior lighting products but what sets them apart is you can actually change the lights between a white LED and red LED. Today we are reviewing this interior lighting kit from Meso Customs and going over how to install them on your Toyota 4Runner.


The Meso Customs Interior Lighting Kit can be optioned with map, dome, and hatch lights for the interior of your Toyota 4Runner. Meso Customs has designed this light with the option to have a switchback between white LED and red LED lights which is something that we have only seen on their products.


To install the Meso Customs Interior Lighting Kit all you will need is a plastic pry tool or a flathead screwdriver. The install will take anywhere from 15-30 minutes. You can also find a video for the map and dome lights here and a video for the hatch lights here.

Map Lights

To start you will need to remove the OEM interior lighting on your 4Runner. To do this just take your plastic pry tool and place it behind the plastic light cover. With a little bit of pressure it should pop out, exposing the OEM bulb. From there all you will need to do is remove the OEM bulb and then plug in your Meso Customs map lights. They should now just pop into where the plastic covering that you removed once was. 

Dome Lights

The same process you used for the map lights will be repeated for the dome light. First you are going to pop off the plastic cover using a pry tool or flathead screw driver. Then you will replace the current bulb with the new light from Meso Customs. Then you will install the new LED light where the old plastic cover was. 

Hatch Lights

To install the hatch lights you are going to pry the edge of the hatch light so you can access the light housing and then unplug it from the wiring harness. Once you have it unplugged you will replace the switch with the black switch from Meso Customs. You will then plug your Meso Customs light into the back of the plastic housing and attach the rest of the light to the front of the housing. From there you are ready to plug the light back into the wiring harness and install it on your rear hatch. 

Final Thoughts

The Meso Customs lighting kit is a simple and effective way to completely change the look and feel of the interior of your Toyota 4Runner. The white LED gives you more light output than the standard lights and the option of a red LED helps with your natural night vision when you are camping. You can pick up the Meso Customs lighting kit on our website here as well as any other aftermarket accessories you need for your 4Runner. 

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