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Peak Suspension 2.5" Trail Kit For 4Runner (2010-2024)

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Introducing our new Peak 2.5” Suspension Systems. Our performance upgrades are designed for a bolt on, OE fit that doesn’t require any kind of modifications. Our kits are designed to improve your on and off-road performance with all of the control at your fingertips.

All of our 2.5” series come with reservoirs that allow precise tuning of the high & low speed compression damping so you can fine tune your vehicle to your needs. In addition to additional control, our external reservoirs increase the oil volume for cooler operating temperature for better performance and consistency.

All of our kits are hand built and feature precision machined parts for the tightest tolerances. When you order any product from Peak, you know you’re getting the highest quality on the market. 


  • Precise fine tuning adjustments of high and low speed compression 
  • Improved on and off-road handling 
  • Increased protection against bottoming out
  • High strength rod end designed for proper clearance
  • Machined billet and anodized parts for high strength and long lasting lift
  • Vehicle specific tuning for the most precise tuning 
  • Height adjustable for better off-road clearance and tire fitment 
  • Pinch bolt coil adjuster to retain preload adjustments without compromising the threads 


  • (2) Front Coilovers 
  • (2) Rear Shocks


  • Toyota 4Runner 2010-2024

Shocks are produced in batches and can up to 6-8 week lead time*