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Desert Does It Under Seat Compressor Mount For 4Runner (2003-2024)

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With the help of our Seat Jackers, this mount will allow you to mount any ViAir or ARB compressor under your driver or passenger seat. The Single ARB or ViAir (70 Series to 400 Series) will work on all compatible vehicles (either seat).

If you're like us and never liked the idea of mounting your compressor out in the elements, then this is for you. Our mount will allow you to have easy access to your compressor with out fumbling through your engine bay, truck bed, or rear cargo area.

Please note that when installing its important to zip tie all factory and compressor wiring under the seat away from the compressor to avoid damage.

Any modifications to your vehicle are done at your own risk.

**Front and Rear Seat Jackers required. You can not fit the air compressor unless you use our Front and Rear Seat Jackers**


  • 2003-2024 Toyota 4Runner* (Driver and Passenger Seat)

 *The Twin ARB will not fit under any Driver Side seat or 4Runners


  • Installs under the front of the passenger seat (See fitment for details)
  • Compatible with Manual or Power Seats
  • Include molle type pattern on side to mount air compressor fittings, air down tools, tools, flashlights, etc.
  • Proudly Made In America
  • Compressor NOT included.


Under Seat Compressor Mount w/Front and Rear Seat Jackers & Fittings
For those that do not have our Front and Rear Seat Jackers, this is the option you need. The fitting kit includes: 18" of DOT 1/4" air line, two 90 degree push fittings, quick connect, and bulkhead fitting. DOES NOT INCLUDE "T FITTING" FOR SINGLE ARB.