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Backwoods Aluminum Connector Skid Plate For 4Runner


Skid Plates

Skid plates are an essential off-roading mod for your Toyota 4Runner. The truth is, your 4Runner's OEM undercarriage protection will not stand up to the rigors of trail driving. If you want to protect all the vulnerable components exposed beneath your vehicle, you need to install skid plates. Skid plates aren't fun. They don't change the look of your car at all, nor are they particularly sexy or exciting, but they are the difference between completing a successful trial run and having to bail out because a sharp boulder punctured your fuel line. Skid plates protect your vehicle, help you avoid costly repairs, and allow you to confidently hit the trail.

Connector Plate

Skid plate systems usually involve several plates that nest beneath your vehicle to provide seamless protection. This connector plate for 5th gen Toyota 4Runners mounts behind the front bumper and fills the gap between the bumper and the other skid plates. This .25" aluminum connector plate is only compatible with our Backwoods 4Runner Front Bumpers. It connects the bottom mount of the winch and bumper to the factory skid plate frame mounts, which provides essential protection for the front-end cooler lines.

We are currently offering the connector plate ONLY. Our complete skid plate system is currently under development.

This kit fits 5th gen 4Runners with or without KDSS. This connector will work with RCI skid plates and potentially other manufacturers, but will only bolt up to our front bumper. 

If you have a Warn winch, we include 2 bolts that will sandwich your connector plate, Backwoods 4Runner bumper, and winch. These bolts will thread into 2 of your winch mounts. If you have a different winch, we cannot guarantee our supplied bolts will work. You may have to find 2 bolts that thread into your particular winch nuts. 


  • Simple bolt on installation uses factory mounting points
  • Hardware included
  • Drain holes are incorporated for airflow, mud, and water
  • 1/4" aluminum construction
  • Compatible with KDSS
  • Provides seamless flow from bottom of bumper to factory skid plate holes
  • Made in the USA