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Top 5 Mods for your 4Runner Under $100

Top 5 Mods for your 4Runner Under $100

Starting your 4Runner build can be an exciting and stressful time. There are so many parts and upgrades you can add to your vehicle to make it your own but they often can be quite pricey. There are however, a variety of modifications for the Toyota 4Runner that don't break the bank and can upgrade the look and feel of your rig. Today we are going over 5 modifications you can add to your 4Runner for under $100. You can find all of these products and more on our website but these are just some of our favorites. 

Where to Buy?

Window Deflectors

Price: $79.99

4Runner window deflectors are a must if you are looking for an easy and cost effective way to improve your 4Runner. These allow you to open the window slightly for fresh air during inclement weather and reduce wind noise. They also do a great job at keeping rain water from dripping inside the vehicle whenever your window is down. Installation is easy and only takes a few minutes. 

3rd Brake Light Replacement

Price: $89.99

The OEM 4Runner third brake light is not very bright and looks cheap compared to the rest of the vehicle. Many of the modifications on this list are small but go a long way in improving the look of your 4Runner and the third brake light replacement is no different. These 4Runner third brake light replacements are plug and play and improve the light output of your third brake light. There are even two color options to choose from. Red if you want to stick with an OEM look or smoked if you want the brake light to blend in to the rest of the vehicle.

ARK Mudflap Deletes

Price: $60.00

Mudflaps are one of those things I loved until I went off road for the first time. Every rock I went over I could hear them drag and I was always worried they would get ripped off. After my first trail I knew the mudflaps would need to go. ARK makes a very durable mudflap delete that fills the hole left when you remove your OEM mudflaps. This continues to give you added protection from mud and dirt that tend to fill this part of the wheel well when you delete your mudflaps. 

Raptor Lights

Price: $59.99

Raptor lights are one of the easiest modifications you can add to your 4Runner. They are used as a simple way to change up the look of your vehicle and can also be an easy way to get into wiring lights on your own rig. 4Runner Lifestyle sell a variety of different styles and colors of Raptor Lights so you can find a set that fits your build. This mod is so easy that you can do it in an hour or two and be back on the road with your 4Runner!

Sequential Turn Signals

Price: $89.99

This next product is an easy upgrade that gives your 4Runner a premium look. The Sequential Turn Signals are plug and play into the standard turn signals but add a sequential look that matches the sequential turn signal on your aftermarket headlights. These are also offered in different styles like smoked, black, and amber so you can get the sequential turn signals that match your build. Installation only takes a few minutes and is very simple. This can be an easy first project when you get your 4Runner!

Final Thoughts

These are just 5 products that you can find on our site for under $100. There are still many products you can choose from that are below this price point that you can buy today. You don't have to spend a ton of money to upgrade your 4Runner. It takes time to build out the rig of your dreams but these products give you an easy and cost effective way to change the look 4Runner as you upgrade to the bigger and more expensive mods! For anything you need for your 4Runner make sure you stop by our website, 4Runner Lifestyle!

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