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TOP 5 4Runner Molle panel Storage Options

TOP 5 4Runner Molle panel Storage Options

The 4runner interior since 2010 all the way to 2022 has had little to no change. Is that annoying? Yes. But let’s look at the positive, that has given Aftermarket companies years to perfect and create new innovative ways for you to take advantage of storing more Gear in the interior of your 4Runner.

This brings us to molle.  Molle is a mounting system developed by the military to make pouches and storage modular and yet still durable.  It's been in use for at least a solid 2 decades.  Molle offers thousands of compatible pouches and other mountable accessories, and it really is one of the most versatile mounting systems available. So with that being said these are the top 5 molle Products and methods to best utilize storage in your Toyota 4runner. 


For starters, we are going to go over molle panels that mount in the rear window of the 4runner.  The best thing about these options is that rear window on the 4runner is rarely ever used, especially as windows.  Unless you have a third row of seats, these windows don't really serve a purpose for most people.  In fact if you look it's not often you use it even to check your blind spots or see anything as the driver.  Sadly this is a really awesome large area of space that isn't really being used often. 

The good news is there are three really good options to help you take full advantage of additional storage in the rear cargo Window wells. This will give you the option to mount Gear to the molle panels and organize them as opposed to storing it in hard to get to places or floating randomly around in the back cargo area. We've had experience with or had one of these in our personal rigs at one point or another most of us, myself included currently have the Rago option in our personal 4runners. 


Option 1: Rago Fabrication Rear window Modular Storage panel:

First up is the Rago Fabrication modular molle panels, Which have been a staple mod for nearly every overland rig built on a 4runner for a long time now.  These things are SOLID.  and I mean SOLID. Rago sells these with the option of just the storage panel on the windows, or both window panels and a shelf connecting between the two. Straight from our warehouse to your doorstep Both options come powder coated black, and include everything needed to install them to any 5th gen 4runner, and even better the install absolutely could not be simpler.. don't believe us? check out this comlete install video on how to install the window side panels thats a whopping 10 minutes long... (super easy install)

This system is easy to install and doesn’t require any drilling or altering to your vehicle whatsoever. This panel was designed to withstand the toughest trails keeping your items secure. Below are pictures that will demonstrate some of the ways that you can utilize the panels as far as storing items goes. 


Option 2 Cali Raised Interior rear molle panel:

Next up is the Cali raised interior rear molle panel. This rear molle panel comes with the option of just the window panels, or window panels and a shelf between the two. This molle panel comes straight to your doorstep powder coated and with everything you need for installation. From the pictures below you can see the molle panels do look a little thinner than the rago one, but this one comes with an extended panel giving you more than just the space that takes up the window. Cali raised also gives you the opportunity to just order it from one side if that is all you want. Super convenient, and gives you the ability to be as creative as you want!

Last, but certainly not least, we have the incredible gullwing/molle panel combo from Velox Offroad! This slick gull wing molle panel combo gives you the ability to store and access items on the inside and outside of your rig. This gullwing has been built to withstand anything you come in contact with offroad, whether it is dust, water, or snow these have been built to last and function to help be as convenient as possible. With its locking mechanism you can feel a peace of mind knowing that whatever you have locked between the wing and the molle panel will be secure no matter what. 

you can Find those on our site: HERE


Up next we are taking it up to the front of the rig to help utilize the empty space on your center console. Our first option is the Rago Fabrication center console modular storage panel with the option of a bridge plate. These come powder coated with either two panels and a shelf or just the two panels on your driver and passenger side. This gives you the option to mount accessories like a radio, or control switches. The low profile design will not hinder your driving experience whatsoever and will just add a better way to keep the front seat more organized. We have a video down below going over the complete install of these panels! 

The other molle option is a more minimalistic panel compared to the rago fabrication molle system. These also come powder coated with everything needed for installation. This gives you the ability to continue to mount important items you need up front, but with a minimalistic look. 

The more budget friendly options are the center console storage panels. For the best performance the area should be cleaned and then apply the panel to your desired spot with our sturdy 3m backing. This acts as more storage for much smaller items then what would go on the molle panel, but it is still sturdy enough to hold walkies, knives, phones, etc. These come in a high quality fabric with two big pockets and come as a pair for the driver and passenger side. A very simple and easy way to be able to take advantage of the empty space on the sides of your center console. 

you can Find those on our site: HERE


When it comes to utilizing spaces on your sun visor we got you covered. We have two different products that can be used to help you store more items on your visor.  Both options are Easy to install and remove with no tools or modification needed.  They are designed to be simple quick solutions that simply add molle and storage to the visor panel for things like walkie talkies, pens, lights and other small gear you might need up and easy to access.

you can Find those on our site: HERE



The first option is the tactical molle panel. This molle panel is made from a rigid plastic designed to store all of your essentials in a secure place. This will give you a unique aesthetic with added functionality so you can easily access what you need. The design uses two elastic bands that simply slide off and on over the visor with velcro straps to secure it in place.  Incredibly easy and effective. 

you can Find those on our site: HERE



The other option is the canvas molle panel for your sun visor. This adds quick access to what you need. Made out of a high quality 600D oxford fabric for extreme durability, you can count on these on and off the road. With integrated pockets and pouches this fabric molle panel straps right onto your visor panel to mount whatever kinds of gear you need. 

you can Find those on our site: HERE


These next two products take advantage of using up empty space on your seat. The first product is a molle seat back cover, that is designed to hold an assortment of items so you have limitless possibilities. Combined with the added function of a large pouch to secure larger items such as recovery gear, first-aid kits, laptop or tablets, or anything else you need to store in there. 

This next item uses storage for the front of your seat. This is designated to store all of your essentials in a secure and easy to access molle panel. The front organizer gives your 4runner a unique aesthetic with added functionality so you can quickly mount and grab items on the go. This comes with a mount around the back so it can be securely fastened around the seat without any wiggle. 


you can Find those on our site: HERE


You’ve got either all or some of the products in your rig that will help you utilize and add additional places of storage for your 4runner, so now what? We have a few different products that go perfectly with all of the above products to help you utilize that space as much as you can! 

First up are our molle panel bags. With the option of getting these in a black, camo, coyote, or an od green. You can fill these bags up with gear or attach them to any molle panel for easy access whenever you need them. 

The next product is our headrest bag! This high quality bag can either mount to the back of your headrest or molle panel. It can carry any equipment or first aid supplies that you need. With a molle panel interior design, and small pouch you will be able to take full advantage of storage with this bag. It also has a tear away design if needed to be easily taken outside of your 4runner. 

The next thing you can get are either rago fab’s mount ready quick fists! With these you can mount hatchets, shovels, an axe, really anything you need. Or you can just get quick fists and make it work yourself! Rago also makes a toilet paper holder, which laughs now but this thing is a game changer. You never really think to pack it but if it has its own spot and is always there it is better to have it then not! Another sweet item that rago has available is their 12 volt accessory panel mount. You can mount this where you need to add more accessibility to power in the back of your rig! 


In conclusion, these products can help you do as much or as little modifications to the interior of your 4runner to make it more storage capable. The possibilities are endless and really at the end of the day depend on what you need for your trips, or to have in your car on the daily. What is sweet about molle panels, is the mounting is pretty much universal. You can either choose to apply different companies' solutions for mounting various items that you might need, or you can find alternative solutions that are better for you. 

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