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4Runner Lifestyle Team Member Build List: 4runyouover

4Runner Lifestyle Team Member Build List: 4runyouover

@4runyouover Build List

Third gen best gen! The progress on this build can be followed on instagram at @4runyouover. 

Welcome back to the 4Runner Lifestyle Blog, Today we are starting a new fun little trend where we will be sharing the Build Lists for the Team Members personal 4Runners here at 4Runner Lifestyle. And this one is going to be a win for you 3rd gen runner guys out there.

Todays featured build list is our awesome customer service and support man, Andrew.  Andrew handles all of the odds and ends that happen with a business here.  We count on Andrew to help resolve various issues that come up due to the nature of an imperfect world (cough cough and imperfect shipping organizations)

Andrew has a 3rd gen in really clean condition, if you haven't considered buying a third gen in the past, driving Andrews will change your mind.   So, without further delay, here is Andrews rocking 3rd Gen Toyota 4Runner Overland Build. 

MODEL: Desert Dune Metallic 2002 4Runner SR5 Sport (3rd Gen)

(All items Below are links that take you directly to the product)

Raptor Lights: 4Runner Lifestyle OG Amber 4 Light

Emblem Overlays: 4Runner Lifestyle black Front Badge Overlay

(to black out the toyota emblem on the grill)

Roof Rack Light Bar: Cali Raised 40” White LED

Roof Rack: Prinsu Designs Full Rack with 40” cutout 

Tent: Roam Adventure Co Vagabond Lite Grey/Navy

Rack Lights: Baja Designs 4 Pack Rock Lights 


And there you have it! A complete build list for 2022 for the @4runyouover build.  We will try to update the blogs as this build changes, and the mods pile on!  Do you have a third gen? We would love to see your rigs and 3rd gen builds as well! be sure to connect with us over on instagram @4runnerlifestyle, you can tag us or use #4runnerLifestyle for a chance to be featured on our page!

Thanks for stopping by! we will see you guys rocking the 3rd gen builds, out on the trails!

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john - October 31, 2022

How many miles? Clean af

Jim - October 13, 2022

Broooo that 3rd gen clean af

Alex Jorgensen - October 13, 2022

Hellllllll yeah!!!! some love for the third gen guys!! sweet build man!

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