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Ranking Toyota's TRD Pro Colors

Ranking Toyota's TRD Pro Colors

The Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro is the top of the line trim level for the 4Runner and has been since it was introduced in 2015. The TRD Pro includes things like upgraded suspension, leather seats, blacked out badging, and a sunroof to differentiate itself from other 4Runner trim levels. TRD Pro 4Runners also came available in a special "TRD Pro Color" that has changed each model year since the trim level was introduced. These have been some of best colors available for the 4Runner as well as some of the worst. Today we rank each TRD Pro color available since its introduction in 2015 to the latest color in 2025.

11. Lime Rush

Year: 2022

The first color on my list is Lime Rush. This color was introduced on TRD Pro models in 2022 to mixed reviews. Many thought the color was too bright and unique for a tough and boxy off roader and others loved the way the color stood out from the others in Toyota's lineup. To me I think it's too bright for my taste so I have it at eleven on the list. 

10. Inferno

Year: 2015

I really couldn't decide where to put this color on the list. When this color debuted on the first TRD Pro models of the 4Runner, Tacoma, and Tundra I thought it looked so good. There aren't many orange cars on the market these days and Toyota nailed it with this color in my opinion. Very solid color from Toyota but I'm not a big fan of orange cars and for that reason I have it as ten on my list. 

9. Voodoo Blue

Year: 2019

Coming in at number nine is Voodoo Blue which was the TRD Pro color for the 2019 model year. Voodoo Blue was the second blue TRD Pro color released by Toyota, coming only a year after Calvary Blue. Although not as popular as Calvary Blue this color still has its fans and people have made some sweet Voodoo Blue 4Runner builds. Although it has a dedicated fan base it was never as popular as Calvary Blue so in my list it is ranked ninth.

8. Solar Octane


Year: 2023

Solar Octane was introduced in 2023 and is my favorite of the brighter TRD Pro colors. I know I said I'm not a fan of orange cars when talking about Inferno but there is just something different about this paint that makes it look so much better than Inferno did. Even though I am a big fan of Solar Octane I still wouldn't spec my 4Runner out with it and that is why I have it at number eight. 

7. Cement 

Year: 2017

When this color first came out it was instantly one of my favorite Toyota colors. Some people are not a fan of grey cars and I can understand that but Toyota took what is normally a dull color that is meant to blend in and made something that turns heads when you're on the road. This color probably would've been higher if Toyota hadn't come out with Underground on 4Runner models for the 2024 model year. 

6. Terra

Year: 2024

I go back and forth between Terra and Quicksand taking the number 6 spot. Both are great colors and for me it comes down to the fact that when Terra first came out I wasn't a fan of it. I have since seen it in person and it is a great looking color and looks great in the deserts of Southern Utah.

5. Quicksand

Year: 2016

Quicksand Tan takes the number five spot on the list which is a color that I have seen on many Tacomas but I have never actually seen it on a 4Runner. It is still one of my favorites colors though and like Cement it probably would've ranked higher before the release of the new Mudbath color on the 2025 4Runner. 

4. Cavalry Blue

Year: 2018

Calvary Blue has to be one of the most popular TRD Pro colors produced. I have seen this color on a ton of 5th gen 4Runners but I have also seen it on many other generations of the 4Runner and they have all looked great in it. That isn't something you can say about many of the other colors on this list. 

3. Mudbath

Year: 2025

Mudbath was introduced on the all new 2025 4Runner and will be the TRD Pro color for the 2025 model year. It is very similar to the quicksand color released back in 2017 although Mudbath is a shade or two darker than that color was. We are excited to start seeing this color in person and it is my favorite color on the all new 4Runner. 

2. Lunar Rock

Year: 2021

Toyota introduced Lunar Rock in 2021 and it has become many peoples favorite TRD Pro color for a reason. This color has so many different shades or grey and green that change in depending on the lighting or when you view it from certain angles. A creative paint choice from Toyota that we haven't seen from other manufacturers. 

1. Army Green

Year: 2020

The number one TRD Pro color on my list is Army Green. It was really hard for me to choose between this and Lunar Rock as my favorite but I feel like you never see these on the road and it always catches my eye when I pass one. The green is dark enough that it doesn't completely stand out and you can make some sweet looking builds with this color. 

Final Thoughts

The TRD Pro colors are something we hope Toyota continues as they produce the next generation of 4Runner, Tacoma, and Tundra. They have become instant classics in Toyota's lineup and help elevate the TRD Pro trim above other 4Runner trims. So how did we do with our list? What is your favorite TRD Pro color? Let us know in the comments below and check out our website for anything you need for your Toyota 4Runner!



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Mike - May 21, 2024

I waited 9 months to get my Lunar Rock 4runner and I’m so glad I waited.

Michelle SWEET - May 21, 2024

My 4 Runner TRD PRO is the Lime Rush. I Love the Color and I’m always getting Compliments. Beautiful Vehicle!

Rachel - May 21, 2024

Completely disagree. I LOVE the bright colors like Lime Rush and Solar Octane. Too much gray on the streets and it’s so blah. I’d rank Lime Rush as #1, Voodoo Blue as #2, and solar octane as #3. cavalry blue and then inferno and army green. The grays and mud bath/quicksand need to be last.

John - May 21, 2024

Just wonder why the black didn’t rank? I have a 2019 Pro, and it’s a gorgeous color! Perhaps there is nothing special about that color! Whether you build it up, or leave it unmodified, it never gets old! Just a thought!

MBM - May 15, 2024

Love all these colors! Underground didn’t make the cut? I love my underground ‘24 4Runner!

Mike p - May 15, 2024

Lunar rock and army green were later released on non TRD Pro models making them not actual Pro colors. Also Cav blue is the best color…

Dean Krueger - May 15, 2024

LUNAR ROCK #1 for me

N2storms - May 15, 2024

Completely agree on the Army Green, other than my own I’ve only seen one other in the area where I live.

David - May 15, 2024

I rank cavalry blue #1 and voodoo blue in the top five, definitely higher than cement. But I agree with ranking lime rush last.

YG4Runner - May 15, 2024

Cement is by far better then Lunar Rock. Lunar Rock is the Wish version of Cement and also at that time every manufacturer had copied Cement like Honda so Lunar Rock was not anything new.

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