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2025 Toyota 4Runner Officially Revealed

2025 Toyota 4Runner Officially Revealed

During a press event in San Diego, Toyota revealed the highly anticipated 2025 Toyota 4Runner to the world. The 2025 4Runner arrives with new trim and engine options, paint colors, and interior upgrades that build on the previous generation success. Let's check out some of the new features that arrive on the all new 2025 Toyota 4Runner! 

All New Design 

The 2025 Toyota 4Runner has been completely redesigned. Built on the new TGNA-F platform it shares many features with the new Tacoma while still staying true to its 4Runner roots. The roll down rear window feature that has become so popular on the Toyota 4Runner makes it return in the 6th generation model and the TRD Pro adds a wider stance with large fender flares, adjustable suspension, and 33" tires. 

Proven Drivetrain 

For the first time in its history the 2025 4Runner will be available as a hybrid with the i-Force Max from the Toyota Tacoma which will produce 326 horsepower and 465 lb-ft of torque. The i-Force 2.4 turbo 4 cylinder engine will also be available which will produce 278 horsepower and 317 lb-ft of toque. 

The 2025 Toyota 4Runner will also carry over the same 8 speed automatic transmission from the Toyota Tacoma making the 6th generation 4Runner more closely related to the Tacoma than ever before. 

New Trim Options 

Toyota announced two new trim options for the 2025 Toyota 4Runner with the overland inspired Trailhunter and the luxurious Platinum trim. The Trailhunter trim of the new 4Runner will be focused on delivering the ultimate overland package straight from the factory and come standard with rock sliders, a snorkel, 33" tires, and other accessories to take on any trail you may encounter. The Platinum trim aims to be a more premium model, offering leather seats, three row seating, and permanent all wheel drive. 

The 2025 Toyota 4Runner will be available in Fall of 2024. A price hasn't been announced but we can expect it to start in the $40k-$45k range. We will provide more updates as we learn more about the new 2025 Toyota 4Runner. In the mean time, if you are looking to upgrade your current 4Runner make sure you check out 4Runner Lifestyle for any and all upgrades for your rig! 

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Rachel - May 21, 2024

agree with above comment on engine. Will be interesting to see how it performs. Would make
Me hesitate to buy one for a few years; however, the snorkel and rock sliders are a nice standard addition. Add in a ladder, too! the new body style does look cool but not as sick as the 5th gen ORP or PRO, in my opinion.

Phill - April 15, 2024

Sweet, finally opened up the front wheel well for larger tires

Bill Hosea - April 15, 2024

Well the 6gen 4Runner doesn’t really do much for me! The only cool things are rock sliders and a snorkel. I like the 5gen 4Runner better body style and looks.

Dan - April 15, 2024

Is that a full metal front brush guard or some plastic thing like in 2023.?

Sam - April 15, 2024

There’s no reason on this earth whatsoever to change the engine none. Absolutely nobody buys the 4runner for gas mileage purposes and I’ll be extremely happy to eat my words if the 4 cylinder engine can last as long trouble free as the 4.0 has and does.

Brian - April 15, 2024

The rear seat does not fold down flat, so it’s going to make it difficult to sleep in the back.

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