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Prinsu Ridgeline Grab Handle

Prinsu Ridgeline Grab Handle

The Prinsu Ridge Line Roof Rack Handles are a great addition to your rig if you're using your roof rack for any type of storage. All of us at one point have done the awkaward split of stepping on your tire and trying to find a foot hold on your door or frame, all just to get access to a roof top box, maxtrax, or what ever you've decided to store up top. No matter what you use your rack for these handles are a necessary, in my opinion accesory.

Whether you want to color match your handles to your rig or you could use them to add a nice accent color. Prinsu offers a wide array of colors so that you have the ultimate say in your vehicles customization.

Something that isn't super obvious in photographs is the texture of the hadles. All of the handles are a gloss type finish except the black and the gray those two have a matte textured finish. We discuss this more in the video below.

Overall the install is super easy, remove a couple bolts from your rack. Line up your new handles and put the bolts back in to place. Okay, there may be a few more steps but if you want a more indepth description of the install process watch the video below.

Linked below if you'd like to pick up a set!

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