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Meso Customs Ultimate Dome Light

Meso Customs Ultimate Dome Light

MESO Customs Ultimate Dome Light V2 (Dual Color)

When it comes to your dome light, you've likely been unsatisfied with the dim, halogen bulb. Not only does it provide inadequate overhead lighting, but it's also a lame color.

MESO Customs aims to fix this with their ultimate dome light. With the dual-color option, you get a single light output, but the ability to switch between white and red. The red array of LEDs is the center row while the white array comprises the perimeter.

Supplies Needed

  • Flat pry tool, or flat head screwdriver
  • Gloves (optional)

Installation (5 minutes or less)

Step 1. Remove Factory Dome Light Cover
The clear plastic cover is super easy to remove. Take a flat pry tool and slide it along the toggle-switch side of the housing to disengage the retention clips.
Step 2. Remove Current Bulb

If your light has been on, I would advise using gloves to remove the single festoon-type bulb.

Step 3. Install New Connector
The MESO Customs dome light has a wired festoon-type connector that replaces the old bulb. This connector is non-polarity specific, so the install direction does not matter.
Step 4. Install MESOCustoms Dome Light
Line up the new dome light retention clips with the factory housing slots and press the unit into place.
That's it! You won't need the old plastic dome light cover anymore, but I would keep it in a drawer just in case you ever need to return it to stock. Enjoy the dual-color goodness!
Overall Impressions
This is an excellent mod for two main reasons. One, it gives you the option of white or red lighting, depending on your situation. Two, it doesn't break the bank and is plug-and-play. There doesn't seem to be much on the internet in terms of installation, so I wasn't sure what to expect.
Fortunately, this dome light took literally 5-minutes to install and looks super clean. They even matched the plastic housing of the dome light to the tan color of the OEM housing! No details were overlooked here.
The light output of both modes is plenty adequate in my opinion, with the white mode easily being 3x brighter than the stock halogen. I can't imagine what the high-output setting of the dual-brightness model is! A nice touch that not all LEDs have is the ability to dim on and off. Fortunately, the MESO Customs one does and gives the dome light a super OEM look when you open and close the door.
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