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Most Unique Toyota 4Runner Trims

Most Unique Toyota 4Runner Trims

The Toyota 4Runner has been in production since 1983 and we have seen 6th generations of the iconic Japanese 4X4 over the last 41 years. Over that time we have also seen a few unique models of the Toyota 4Runner that aren't quite like the others. Some of these models are more rare than others but they are all 4Runners we wish we could get our hands on someday.                                                                   

Honorable Mention: The Toyota Trekker

Not technically a 4Runner but without the Toyota Trekker the 4Runner would not be the vehicle it is today. Introduced in 1981 and produced by Winnebago the Trekker was an upgrade package that was applied to the Toyota Hilux pickup. This option did not last long as the kit was only produced till 1983 with around 1500 units eventually being made. Although it had a limited run, the 1st Gen Toyota 4Runner would end up following the same recipe as the Toyota Trekker before it.

1st Gen 4Runner Turbo

The 1st Gen Toyota 4Runner was produced from 1983 to 1988 and followed the same spirit of the Toyota Trekker by being based on the Toyota Hilux. This time the truck came straight from Toyota and came with a removable hard top. This is something that many 4Runner enthusiasts have been begging Toyota to bring back to no avail. Something Toyota did bring back from this model year is a Turbo 4 cylinder engine. The 1st Gen 4Runner had a variety of engine options but the rarest by far is the 22R-TE Turbocharged 4 cylinder engine. The Turbo 4Runner is so rare that it is estimated that only around 1000 models were produced, making this one of the rarest and coolest 4Runner trims.

2nd Gen 4Runner Two Door

One of the most unique 4Runner trims we have seen came from the 2nd Gen 4Runner which was produced from 1989-1994. During the production of the 2nd Gen 4Runner Toyota produced a two door version of the 4Runner. These models are much more rare than the 4 door versions because they were priced higher and less functional than the 4 door. Even though they are not the most livable 4Runner these are still some of the coolest 4Runners produced.

4th Gen 4Runner V8

With the introduction of the 4th Generation 4Runner, Toyota yet again gave us the option to choose which engine we wanted. The 4th Gen 4Runner is the only 4Runner that came with a V8 as an engine option. Although not as rare as the other 4Runners on this list, it is still a very cool offering from Toyota and a fan favorite of 4th Gen fans. This generation of 4Runner might not have looked the best but it did have one of the coolest engine options available.

Final Thoughts

Toyota has made a lot of cool and rare 4Runners. With the 5th Generation model we missed out on any special trim levels or models that other generations had seen. Maybe this will be something that changes as the 6th Generation 4Runner starts to hit dealerships later this year. 

Did we miss any unique 4Runner models that you love? Let us know in the comments and if you want to check out more 4Runner content, make sure to stop by our YouTube channel

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