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Most Important Off-Road Modifications for your 4Runner

Most Important Off-Road Modifications for your 4Runner

 The Toyota 4Runner is one of the most popular vehicles in Toyota's lineup. It is a great looking full size SUV which performs great on road but what about when you want to take your 4Runner off-road? No matter which trim of 4Runner you have it is a highly capable off-roader and can get you most anywhere without any issues. There are things you can do to greatly improve that off-road capability and we are highlighting some of the most important things you can add to your 4Runner to do complete any trail.

Suspension and Tires

These are the upgrades you will hear the most when you see the question "What is the first thing I should upgrade on my 4Runner?" and there is good reason for that. A lift and tires are the easiest things you can add to maximize your 4Runners off-road capabilities. The most common size lift for the Toyota 4Runner is about 2 inches. This allows you to fit larger tires (usually 33" tires) with minimal cutting and helps give you the ground clearance you need to conquer most trails. There are a few different suspension set ups you can buy to accomplish this from a simple spacer lift to fully adjustable suspensions kits. The later costs quite a bit more than a spacer lift but allows you to have full control over your suspension set up.


If you like to tackle more difficult trails than getting armor for your 4Runner is a must. A good bumper and sliders can protect you from any rocks or ledges that could hit your vehicle and full rock sliders protect important parts of your vehicle like the engine, transmission, and differentials. Bumpers are usually made of two materials; aluminum or steel. Aluminum will be lighter but weaker than a steel bumper while steel will be stronger but heavier than an aluminum bumper. There are a few brands that have utilized doing a hybrid bumper set up which uses steel and aluminum but when searching for the right bumper for your build you should take into account the type of trails you plan on doing and how often you plan to do them. 

Recovery Gear 

No matter how hard you want to wheel your 4Runner it is very important to bring recovery gear with you. You don't have to have the most expensive recovery set up, a set of Maxtrax or a recovery rope with some soft shackles will usually be the most you ever need but the last thing you want to do is get out into a remote area and get your rig stuck. If you are into the more difficult trails a winch or hi-lift jack can be live savers in difficult terrain.

Final Thoughts

The Toyota 4Runner is already a very capable off-road vehicle from the factory but even just upgrading one of these areas on your rig will greatly improve your off-road experience and allow you to access more trails. What ever you decide to add to your Toyota 4Runner you can find it all on our website and if you want to see some of these 4Runner modifications in action, check out this YouTube video where we had to use some of our recovery gear to get out of the trail.

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