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When it comes to wiring lights and other accessories in a Toyota 4Runner, there are a ton of different options for avoiding that hideous circular red button that comes with the wiring harness for your lights. Not only that, but the wire management when you get to two light bars and ditch lights is out of control. Thankfully we have a few different options to help you keep a clean oem like look on the inside, and an organized option for under the hood. 

We all know how it feels when building out Toyota 4Runner's to have to deal with that insane pocket of wires over the fuse boxes.  These are all products designed specifically to fix that issue for you.  Now we do want to mention that we always recommend having these professionally installed, however they are also quite intuitive if you have some wiring know how.  Keep in mind some of these options will be specific to the Toyota 4Runner, while others are available for other vehicles as well, though we do specify on the product listing what is compatible with which years and models, for the most part these should work with most Toyota 4Runner's. 


The first option keeps the oem look and is limited to the blank spots that are available in your car. These aftermarket switches fit in the factory opening for a clean look. The symbols on these switches are laser etched and are available in the following options: grille light, sasquatch lights, LED light bar, roof lights, rear lights, side lights, and ditch lights. These are a great option for the oem look on the interior, but don’t really help with organization under the hood. 

These can be found on our site HERE




This next product is a budget friendly option for a switch panel in the cab and a control box under the hood that neatly puts all your wires to a control box as opposed to all around the engine bay and squeezing them into the cab of your 4runner. This gives you the ability to power up to 8 different switches. The way it works is you connect the positive and negative poles of the vehicle power supply and the switch control box. Then you simply connect the switch panel and the control box. From there you just simply connect all of your wires to the power box and you are ready to go! 

This switch panel comes with 50 different stickers for you to customize the different buttons on your panel to whatever you want! This is an awesome option and has a few different mounting options inside the cab for whatever works the best for you. This comes with the option of either a 6 switch panel or an 8 depending on what you think you will need. 

Auxbeam Switch Panel Kits can be found HERE




The SPOD comes with two different options for you to choose from. You can either get just the panel with 8 switches that are actual buttons or a touch screen panel. Both of these can be connected via bluetooth so you can control it with your phone as well. 

The only difference between the two is the switch panel one obviously comes with a bunch of different stickers for you to be able to customize what you want each switch to be. While the touch screen allows you to come up with the title of each switch yourself, other than that all of the features and specs for these two units are the same! 

This kit will come with all of the needed hardware for installation. It has a ton of sweet features through the app for free such as dimming, strobing, flashing, momentary, switch linking, and on and off road mode of operation. SPOD makes you excited not terrified to add more lights or auxiliaries to your 4runner with this problem solving setup. 

The SPOD Kit can be found HERE


Garmin figured since they made it easy for us to navigate with no signal as well as be able to communicate with our loved ones while off the grid, they would also make it easier for us to control our auxiliaries and lights. The garmin power switch is a compact switch box that offers you control of your 4runner’s accessories from a compatible garmin navigator or a smartphone. 

This switch box organizes all of your wiring under the hood and makes it super easy for you to control your lights or auxiliaries via bluetooth. This is a super simple and easy way to help you be more efficient with what you need for your weekend adventures! 

The Garmin Power Switch can be found HERE



Whatever your vision is for your rig, if you are adding anything like lights or other auxiliaries it is a must to Have one of the above Switch Panel Options. We are able to offer a ton of different options for you whether it is brand driven, best bang for your buck, or are wanting to keep it as OEM as possible these will help you achieve that goal! 

Let us know if we are missing anything or if you have any questions about any of the products above! 

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