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Update the Third Brake Light on Your 5th Gen 4Runner

Update the Third Brake Light on Your 5th Gen 4Runner

The third brake light on your Toyota 4Runner is wasted space. We have two options for a replacement of that ugly stock third brake light. Whether you want to add functionality or just make it more aesthetically pleasing we have two products that will do just that. 

4Runner Third Brake Light


This third brake light housing replacement was 3D CAD designed, engineered, and built with high quality and perfect fitment in mind. This replacement doesn't require any additional drilling and strictly uses factory mounting points. 

The third brake light will light up red per usual when braking, but with the added s2's these are an absolute must on the trail. Visibility is crucial on the trail especially when with a group. There have been times where on a trail during the day and there's dust everywhere and I can't see the vehicle in front of me until theres the faint red of the rig in front of me braking. This product gives you chase lights and makes it crucial if you wheel with dust, snow, fog, or at night. 

This will ship with all the required hardware needed for installation, and installs with screws in the factory mounts and high quality 3M VHB tape. You will have to run your own harness to power the Baja lights, but the third brake light harness ships as a plug and play solution. With the current configuration of two S2's. you can have a third brake light activate as usual when you depress the brake pedal, you can wire one amber S2 as a chase light and a clear lens S2 as a reverse light that comes on when you engage reverse. You can also swap the lens on an S2 to red and have that come on upon depressing the brake pedal making it an extremely bright brake light. 

Find it HERE


This third brake light replacement is a must for your 4Runner. This is a direct plug and play and is a super simple install. You simply just plug in to your OEM plug and bolt in the two screws and you are ready to go. This third brake light replacement comes in either a smoked out finish or a red!

This also comes with an optional red wire that can be used to tap into the reverse light. This is an optional function and not required to make the third brake light function. 

Find it HERE


So whether it is an added function of chase lights on the trail, or being able to confidently say everything is smoked out on your rig, you can't get wrong with either option. Both these replacements will change the look of the 4Runner and are an absolute must. (Maybe not but you're not on this website because it makes sense financially) What did we miss? Feel free to leave any comments, questions, or concerns down below! 


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