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Ark 4Runner Splash Guards: Install & Overview!

Ark 4Runner Splash Guards: Install & Overview!

Ark 4Runner Splash Guards: Overview and Install!

Our 4Runners are rugged, no doubt about it. With that being said, one of the weaker components is the OEM engine splash guards. These are made of paper-thin vinyl that will likely get torn to shreds if you frequent even mild gravel roads. The main purpose of these is to protect your engine bay on the sides from debris kicked up by your tires in the wheel wells. If you plan on driving through more than puddles in an urban setting, you’ll want to take a look at the Ark Splash Guards.

Unboxing and Build Quality

For starters, Ark Splash Guards are made of a thick synthetic rubber blend that will outlast your OEM vinyl ones. This is a key factor when you consider all of the jagged edges that gravel has and what will be hitting those splash guards during hours on the trails. In addition, the Ark Splash Guards protect more of your engine bay due to it being a single piece and a more exact fit.

Supplies Needed

Installation (30 Minutes or Less)

Step 1. Remove OEM splash guards

It can be useful to jack up your vehicle to maximize your working space in the wheel well, but it isn't necessary. There should be 10 of these plastic tabs per side. The last tab can be a little tricky, it is located on the front-facing side of the strut housing.

Step 2. Prepare Ark 4Runner Splash Guards

To determine which guard goes to which side, the “Ark” logo should face outwards. There is an optional, extra mounting hole at the top of each guard that has been marked - a 5/16 drill bit can be used if you choose to utilize it.

Step 3. Slide Ark Splash Guard Over Strut

The splash guard should be slid over the top of the strut before you start inserting the securing tabs.

Step 4. Insert Securing Tabs

There should be 10 (11 if you chose to drill the optional hole) securing push tabs that will line up with the existing holes in the body.

Overall Impressions

This was an excellent, easy mod that adds protection to a critical part of your vehicle - the engine. I am stoked with how these turned out and can’t wait to test them out! What are your thoughts on this mod? Worth it or is your hard-earned money better spent somewhere else? Drop a comment and let me know!

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