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AJT Design 5th Gen 4Runner V2 Key Fob

AJT Design 5th Gen 4Runner V2 Key Fob

I’ve always been disappointed with how boring the OEM key fob is from Toyota. To give it a little flair, AJT Design offers its more rugged keyfob housings in various colors. I went with the V2 in the army green color, which does not make space for the valet key (in exchange for a more compact design).

If you’d like a similar design with space for the valet key, you’ll want to check out the V1 housing.

Installation (2 Minutes or Less)

Step 1. Remove OEM Housing

You can take the backup key and wedge it in this spot to twist and take the housing apart.

Step 2. Replace With AJT Housing

AJT supplies you with all new housing parts. The only part you will re-use is the green PCB board.

Overall Impressions

This is a super quick install that gives your key fob a little customization and is a perfect small gift for anyone. Best of all, they are available in every factory 4runner color!

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