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4Runner Roof Racks

4Runner Roof Racks

A 4Runner roof rack allows you to build out your 4Runner the way you want for any adventure. It is the foundation of where you can mount a rooftop tent, storage boxes, awnings, recovery gear, the list can go on and on. A good 4Runner roof rack is strong enough to hold all your gear while also being customizable enough to allow for multiple mounting points and interchangeable hardware and accessories. There are many roof racks on the market for the Toyota 4Runner but here are a few that are durable and modular enough for any 4Runner owners needs.

Where to Buy?

Prinsu Pro 

Price: $1,255

Prinsu changed the game in the overland and off-road industry with the intoduction of the Prinsu Roof Rack. This roof rack was one of the first to introduce a modular style that allowed for multiple mountain point locations and adjustable cross bars. After years of getting feed back on the original roof rack design, Prinsu has raised the bar again with the introduction of the Prinsu Pro. 

The Prinsu Pro Roof Rack has improved on the design of the of the original with 44% stronger crossbars which come in an all new design and 6 drop in points on each crossbar so you can easily mount any accessories to your roof rack. 

Sherpa Crestone

Price: $1,399

Sherpa is a relatively new company in the overland roof rack industry but their focus on quality and producing a wide selection of options have made them one of the top brands when it comes to 4Runner roof racks. The Crestone roof rack is made from 1/4" thick aluminum which makes it extremely durable and strong. The roof rack is rated for 300lbs of dynamic load and 700lbs of static load with a lifetime warranty so you can have confidence that your roof rack will withstand anything you throw at it.

With 9 crossbars you have plenty of options when it comes to mounting any of your overland gear and the design of the Crestone roof rack means you can adjust the position of any of those crossbars to best fit the needs of your rigs setup.

Backwoods DRIFTR

Price: $975

Another newer 4Runner roof rack to the market is the Backwoods Adventure Mods DRIFTR roof rack. This roof rack has a slightly different design from the Prinsu and Sherpa with the DRIFTR roof rack giving you three slots per crossbar for mounting your gear while the Prinsu and Sherpa only give you two per crossbar.

Another pro about the Backwoods DRIFTR roof rack is the rear faring which gives you two slots for mounting your chase lights. The slots are big enough for a Baja Designs S2, Diode Dynamics SSC2, or any similar sized light. The grab handles on the side of the roof rack are also a very welcome touch on the DRIFTR rack.

Gobi Stealth

Price: $1,795

The Gobi Stealth 4Runner roof rack is one of the best low profile roof racks on the market. This roof rack is designed to be easy to install without having to drill any holes into your 4Runner. The Gobi Stealth roof rack is designed with a metal platform that allows you to carry any adventure gear you need on your next trip while also protecting the roof of your 4Runner from any scratches. This roof rack is one of the strongest on the market with dynamic load of 300lbs and a static load of 800lbs. 

Final Thoughts

Any of these 4Runner Roof Racks will open the door to more customization to your overland or off-road set up. Whether you are looking to add a rooftop tent to your 4Runner or just need extra mounting points for maxtrax, roam cases, or off road lighting, these roof racks give you this ability and more. Each one of these 4Runner Roof Racks can be found on our site, as well as other roof rack accessories so you build out your 4Runner to your needs.

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