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4runner Lifestyle Shift Knob ( 5th Gen)

4runner Lifestyle Shift Knob ( 5th Gen)

4Runner Lifestyle Shift Knob

If you’ve been looking to level up your interior, take a look at 4runner Lifestyle’s new billet aluminum shift knob! This shift knob is solid, made in the U.S.A. out of 6601 billet aluminum, and hard anodized black to match your interior.

Supplies Needed:

Installation (5 minutes or less)

Step 1: Remove Old Shift Knob

Turn your OEM shift knob counterclockwise until it becomes completely unthreaded and you can pull it off.

Step 2: Install Supplied Jam Nut & New Shift Knob

The supplied jam nut will help secure the new shifter. Thread this nut halfway down the threads and then screw your new shift knob clockwise over it.

Overall Impressions

This new shift knob is completely different from others that are made of ABS plastic/leather (like the OEM one). It is hefty, solid, and overbuilt - much like our 4runners. The CNC machining is precise and creates a look that should appeal to a lot of owners!

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