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4Runner Lifestyle Sequential Turn Signals

4Runner Lifestyle Sequential Turn Signals

4Runner Lifestyle Sequential Turn Signals


If you’re like me, you’ve probably tried to do as much chrome delete on your rig as possible. The most obvious ones are the emblem overlays and if you have a 2020+, the chrome bars in the grille. The last piece of chrome (outside of the headlights) that I have are the mirror turn signals. Not only do these not match the aesthetic that I was going for, but the actual turn signal isn’t very visible from the front. 4runner Lifestyle has a solution to that, so let’s dive in.

4runner Lifestyle offers these in either smoke or blackout colors. The ones in this install guide are the blackout variant. These are plug and play, featuring a bright amber LED and sequential pattern when in use. They are way more visible from the front when compared to the OEM ones, increasing safety.

Supplies you'll need

  • 4runner Lifestyle sequential turn signals: Check Price
  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Flathead screwdriver

Installation (30 minutes or less)

Step 1: Remove Mirror Cap

Grab the corner of the painted mirror cap and squeeze to disengage the two retention clips located on the edge closest to your door.





Gently pull the mirror cap away from the housing to avoid breaking any retention clips.

Step 2: Remove x2 Phillips Screws

There are two Phillips screws to remove, highlighted in red.


Step 3: Relocate Yellow Wires

Move the two yellow wires to the other side of the highlighted clip to avoid pulling on them when you remove the lower portion of the mirror housing.

Step 4: Remove Lower Mirror Housing

Gently pull straight-out and away from the mirror.


Step 5: Unseat Puddle Light Bulb (If you have them)

Twist the bulb counter-clockwise to remove it from the housing.

Step 6: Remove Turn Signal

Wedge a flathead screwdriver into the highlighted area and gently pry upwards - the turn signal should come out fairly easily.

Once removed, disconnect the white wire harness.

Step 7: Plug-In New Turn Signal

This is a keyed plug, so there is only one way to connect it. This would also be a good time to test and make sure the turn signals operate as expected.

Step 8: Re-assemble Mirror Housing


Reverse steps 1-6 to complete the installation and repeat on the opposite side.

Install Video

Overall Impressions

Man, these turned out great! I really like how the turn signals now blend into the housing when not in use, but become very visible when needed. The sequential pattern is a very nice touch, and will definitely turn some heads. This was a pretty simple install overall, and one of the more practical mods in my opinion. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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