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4Runner Lifestyle MOLLE Seat back Cover

4Runner Lifestyle MOLLE Seat back Cover

4Runner Lifestyle MOLLE Seat back Cover

Seatback covers are often seen as practical, but not the coolest mod in a vehicle. 4Runner Lifestyle aims to up the cool factor a bit by adding the functionality and flexibility of the MOLLE panel system.

Where To Buy


This cover is made of high-density, 600D oxford fabric that is durable and will withstand whatever kicks the kiddos will throw at it. There is a large, discrete velcro pouch that spans about two-thirds of the cover and is perfect for storing or hiding flatter items (such as a laptop). This cover attaches at the headrest and seat base via adjustable straps to minimize movement and comes with a 2-year warranty.

Unmatched Flexibility

Since this seatback cover is basically a giant MOLLE panel, you are free to attach whatever and however you’d like to suit your needs. 4runner Lifestyle also sells MOLLE pouches that can be easily attached. These are perfect for storing quick-access essentials or just adding more organization to your interior.

Overall Impressions

This is a great mod for those who have a ton of gear in their rig but are limited on storage or organization space. They install in a minute and are way more useful than the single, mesh pouch that we are given from the factory. As an added plus, These will also protect your seat backs while still looking tacti-cool!

4Runner Lifestyle MOLLE Seat back Cover

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Alex Jorgensen - September 30, 2022

Finally! been looking for a way to mount some stuff on the back forever! simple, I dig it!

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