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VLEDS V6 Triton White/Amber Switchback + Hyperflash Kit For 4Runner (2014-2024)

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Performance The V6 Triton reaches sustained outputs not possible with a standard plug-in style bulb. 900LM white and 500LM amber levels per bulb are possible thanks to the one-piece external heat sink design and high-efficiency LED chips that allow high output and long-term reliability. Not cheap, and not cheaply made. The V6 Triton is for lighting enthusiasts who demand the best in quality and performance, and boy does it deliver!

Optical Lens Unlike standard LED bulbs; the Triton utilizes an optically engineered polycarbonate lens that projects light off the chips a full 360°. The absence of visually seeing the chips in the housing offers a clean OE look inside the housing and reflector.

Universal Interface With its clever multi-position design the Triton can virtually be installed in any vehicle; the only variable is the base adapter. The system can be installed into any vehicle you own now or in the future.

Base Adapters The Triton system is one of the only LED turn signals that allow for plug-n-play hyperflash fix due to the external connection via the factory bulb socket. All other bulbs you'll have to splice into your factory wiring.

Color Temperature Offered in a 55K color temp, like our Micro headlights giving you a clean, matched look in the front of your vehicle. 

Dimming Because the white output is so bright that it can be mistaken as a headlight during nighttime use in some applications. That is why it has the option to connect to the positive low beam wire sending a signal to the bulb and dim it down to a 10% output inline with a standard parking light output level.

Quick Specs

  • Built-in driver, no extra boxes needed.
  • 3X CREE XTE - 3X CREE XP-E2 chips.
  • 900LM low (white) 500LM high (amber) measured output per bulb
  • The low parking circuit (white) shuts off when the turn signal is applied for a more defined notification.
  • 2X brighter than stock.
  • Max current draw 0.6A @ 14.4V

The Original For years, we have been innovating and pioneering the industry with products like the V3 and V6 systems. We've been there, done that, and have experience in designing a system that not only has the kinks worked out but performs better than anything else on the market. When quality comes into question, know you can trust VLEDS.

WARNING Not for use in vehicles where the turn signal is also the daytime running light. For these applications us our V6 Extreme Switchback with built-in HDRL controller.