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VLEDS LED Reverse Light System Kit White LPR 1800LM


License Plate Reverse Most factory reverse lights are terrible, only an indicator to others that you are backing up. So we created the perfect add-on solution, the LP-Reverse Light System. Made of 6061 CNC'd aluminum with an exterior grade anodized satin finish. The LPR uses 72 high output 5500K LEDs producing 1800LM to light up the world behind you!

Designed and Developed We are the original inventor of the License Plate Reverse Light System. Our first version, the LPF was released back in 2010. The LPR is our latest model. We spent years developing the LPR, unlike the knock-off brands. When you buy from us you're getting the real deal!

Simple Installation Tap into your reverse light wires, fasten the bar over your license plate and you're done!

Safety Added Provide yourself and others around you with more light to see and be seen by. This Reverse Light System is brighter than any other LED replacement bulb we sell! Enjoy the simplest and brightest LED reverse light system on the market... guarantee you'll love it!

Installation Note Vehicles with CAN bus or Body Control Modules, we recommend installing our LED bulbs to lower the overall current draw on the circuit. Keep in mind you will be adding nearly 2A and some systems will fault from the additional load. For trucks equipped with factory LED reverse lights, you will need to splice and solder into the back of the trailer harness. For trucks with reverse sensing systems you will need install our LP Relay Kit.