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Trail'd 6 Gallon Spare Water Tank

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Increase off-road water storage by utilizing your truck's space tire space.
The Trail'd Universal Spare Tire Tank holds a substantial 6 gallons of liquid, providing you with complete peace of mind when you're off the grid. Extend your adventure by stacking up to 3 tanks per vehicle for a total storage of 18 gallons, sufficient for even the longest excursions. Easily mount and dismount Trail'd water tank in spare tire location using the existing hoist on your vehicle.

The FDA approved design is BPA-free making the water stored in the tank is safe for consumption. The tank's non-transparent design, featuring UV protection and algae suppression, ensures that the water stays safe for extended periods of time. Constructed with heavy-duty linear medium density polyethylene, the tank is able to withstand road debris, automotive fluids, and chemicals.

The tank's secure, hidden location provides additional space in or on your vehicle for other gear and equipment. The extra weight at the rear of the vehicle enhances traction, making it easier to navigate through challenging terrain. Storing the tank in a shaded location keeps the water fresh and cool for extended periods of time.
  • Remember to vent the tank once per day if the elevation or temperature changes significantly to prevent any issues.
  • Before using your tank, make sure to rinse it thoroughly and allow it to dry fully to remove any debris.
  • These tanks are not certified by the EPA for fuel storage and using them for this purpose will void all warranty and return claims.
  • To ensure that your tank does not leak or become loose due to vibration, be sure to check the seal and gasket regularly to make sure they are correctly installed.
Trail’d Spare Ring Mounts are heavy-duty powder-coated steel rings exclusively designed to securely mount one or more Trail’d 6-gallon tanks on your vehicle's spare tire hoist.