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InstaPrivy Portable Toilet Kit In A Backpack

For the adventurers, the risk-takers, the planners, and the preppers, the InstaPrivy portable toilet will transform the way you do your business in the great outdoors and beyond. Engineered to be especially lightweight, durable, and practical, this unique camping toilet is easily packable with a quick set up for those “can’t-wait-another-minute” moments. The InstaPrivy outdoor toilet is designed to give you an affordable, private, and sanitary bathroom option when you find yourself far from the luxury of indoor plumbing. 

Whether you love hunting, fishing, off-roading, backpacking, festivals, or just value being prepared for emergencies and disasters, the InstaPrivy portable toilet is packed full of features that will make even the roughest situations more enjoyable.

Included in the InstaPrivy toilet kit is everything you need to get started, including the privacy shelter, toilet chair and all necessary accessories.