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Genesis Offroad G Screen for Gen 3 Dual Battery Systems

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Keep an eye on the status of your dual battery system

Monitors voltage levels of both batteries.
Remote status indicator - shows if the batteries are connected or disconnected.
Remote boost button - jump starts the engine from inside the cab if your cranking battery is dead.

Background changes color to visually show your battery status at a glance

  • Green - both batteries are fully charged, and they are connected together
  • Yellow - the batteries are below 12.7v, and they are disconnected
  • Red - at least 1 battery is below 12v. The screen will blink red a few times per minute to get your attention

The background light turns off after 45 seconds of inactivity

  • Preserves battery power
  • No glare while driving at night
  • Voltage and status are still visible, but without the backlighting

Main Battery Voltage

Holding this screen down for 3 seconds will turn off the screen. Tap once to turn the screen back on.

Aux Battery Voltage

Holding this screen down for 3 seconds will turn off the screen. Tap once to turn the screen back on.

Status Screen:

AUTO mode - the system will automatically connect / disconnect the batteries based on the voltage levels

AUTO OFF - the batteries are isolated from each other

AUTO ON - the batteries are connected together

Hold screen down for 3 seconds to access the Boost menu

When the background turns white, tap the screen to cycle through the menu

Stop tapping to select the desired mode

Selecting Boost On will manually connect the batteries together

Use this to jump start from the second battery if your main battery is too low to start the engine

They will remain connected until you select Boost Off or Auto mode

NOTE all electrical circuits in the vehicle will run from both batteries in this mode

Selecting Boost Off will manually separate the batteries

They will remain separated until you select Boost On or Auto mode

NOTE your Aux battery will not be charged by the alternator while in this mode

Selecting Auto On will set the system to Automatic mode

This screen shows the air pressure in your on-board air tank

if you have the optionalĀ Digital Air Pressure SensorĀ kit installed

Without the sensor installed, this screen will not be displayed

ThisĀ screen shows the firmware version

Holding thisĀ screen down for 3 seconds will enter the contrast adjustment menu,

allowing you to tap through 5 levels of contrast for optimal viewing

Kit Contents:

  • G Screen
  • Interface Module
  • Ribbon Cable
  • Wire Harness
  • Panel Cutout Template

The screen measures approximately one cubic inch. The compact size makes it easy to mount anywhere.
Includes a 11-foot wiring harness for a simple, clean installation
Software upgradeable for future features

Add the optional GenesisĀ digital air pressure sensorĀ to monitor the PSI level in your onboard air system.
Screw the sensor into an available 1/4 inch NPT port on your air tank or manifold
Attach the waterproof cable to the sensor, and route the cable to the G Screen. Plug the other end into the interface module.
The G Screen automatically detects the sensor and adds a new screen showing the PSI level in your tank, from 0-150 PSI.
No air hoses to run, no wiring to figure out!