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Diode Dynamics Stage Series Rock Light M8 Extension Wire

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  • Adds extra 1m, 3m, or 5m to connect to your rock lights
  • Compatible with Stage Series Single-Color Rock Lights
  • Uses 3-pin M8 connectors for plug and play connection
  • Heavy-duty 22 AWG wire


  • Extension wire for Diode Dynamics RGBW products with M8 connectors
  • Press-fit M8 connectors
  • 24AWG wire

Add extra length. This M8 extension wire can be used anywhere you need extra length to connect your rock lights. This extension wire uses 3-pin M8 connectors and is compatible with all Stage Series Single-Color or RGBW Rock Lights.

Plug and play. This extension wire features one male connector and one female connector, for plug-and-play extension.