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DuroBumps 3-Inch Extended Rear Bump Stops (2003-2024)

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Experience the difference with DuroBumps premium off-road bump stops, proudly made in the USA. These 3-Inch Extended Rear Bump Stops feature dual durometer rubber, providing smooth, progressive dampening that significantly reduces hard bottom-outs. Unlike OEM bump stops that can feel rock-hard on contact. As a result, you’ll enjoy enhanced off-road control and comfort while eliminating the “shell-shock” effect when encountering larger bumps.

DBR525LT Extended bump stops bring numerous benefits to your suspension system, adding performance beyond what shocks alone can offer. Perfect for both off-road enthusiasts and daily drivers, these 3-Inch Extended Rear Bump Stops deliver improved ride quality and shock absorption over OEM alternatives. Expertly engineered to handle the toughest terrain, they reduce or eliminate hard impacts associated with bottoming out shocks and suspensions. Furthermore, Durobumps DBR525LTs are designed for lifted trucks with a minimum of 3 inches of lift. DBR525LTs are 3 inches taller than the OEM bump stops and will limit wheel up travel by 3 inches.


Size: 5 x 3 x 5.25 inches (ea.)

Weight: 48 oz. / 3 lbs. (set)

Lift height: 3 Inch Lift Required.

Deflection (Compression): 1 inch @ 1500LBS.

Intended shock length: 12-inch stroke Dobinsons or Metal Tech rear Long Travel Kits

Why DuroBumps DBR525LT 3-Inch Extended Rear Bump Stops?

  • Improved Handling – Dual durometer rubber enables DuroBumps to act as a secondary coil spring, ensuring smooth engagement that progressively increases compression load in a predictable manner.
  • Three-Inch Reduced Wheel Up Travel  DBR525LTs will reduce wheel up travel by 3 inches compared to OEM to accommodate larger shocks, tires, and custom applications.
  • Designed for Dobinsons or Metal Tech 4×4 – 12-inch rear Long Travel Kits
  • Reduced Tire Rub  Reduced wheel-up travel means less tire rub in the wheel wells.
  • Frame Mounts in OEM Location  Easily bolts into the OEM location to ensure a proper fit – No spacers or modifications needed.
  • Corrected Misalignment – DuroBumps resolves the well-known misalignment problem found in the rear OEM bump stops of Toyota trucks, which are off by about an inch from the rear axle. By incorporating the right offset into our design, we make sure that DuroBumps allows the bump stops to connect precisely with the center of the rear axle tube, as needed.
  • Increased Suspension Life – Actively absorbs shock load and prevents suspension from bottoming out. Therefore extending the service life of other components, and reducing maintenance costs.
  • Compact, Application-Specific Design – Designed to fit specific truck models with no “universal fit” or spacers required. All without excessive free height interfering with your shocks’ valving.
  • Silent Engagement – Unlike Hydro bumps, DuroBumps make no noise upon contact.
  • Premium Quality – DuroBumps Premium Bump Stops are Proudly manufactured in the USA, using top-grade raw materials, ensuring exceptional durability and strength.
  • Provided Mounting Hardware – JIS 10.9 zinc-coated hex head metric bolts with pre-applied thread locker for a strong, secure fit.


    What’s Included:

    • (2) Two Premium rear bump stops
    • (4) Four JIS 10.9 M8x1.25 – 40mm flange bolt with pre-applied thread locker
    • (1) One FREE sticker
    • Installation instructions