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AlphaRex Gold Ammo Panoramic LED Light Bulbs

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These Gold Ammo Panoramic LED light bulbs are with bullet-shaped designed shell made of gold anodized zinc alloy.  We apply AlphaRex LUXX LED chip on our Gold Ammo LED bulb, and each bulb produces output of 60W/5000 lm (raw lumen) and 52W/4250 lm (effective lumen).  With our Panoramic design, the light source comes from the LED chips and emit through the quartz pillar, and generate a 360° light output that adopts the same position as halogen filament to ensure an even beam pattern without dark spot. These Gold Ammo Panoramic LED light bulbs work especially well with projector lens and definitely are perfect add-on to your vehicle.


PRO-Series Headlight - H7 Bulb

Beam Pattern

Traditional LED bulbs have light output from two sides, and the distance between the two light sources affect the concentration.  LED bulbs that have two side output will create a dark spot at the bottom especially when you apply the bulbs with projector lens.  With our Panoramic design, our Gold Ammo LED bulbs produces a 360° light output similar to halogen bulbs, and it will create an even beam pattern that eliminates the dark spot at the bottom.

Cooling System

The cooling system is extremely important when dealing with LED because it affects the life span of the LED chips.  There are some LED bulbs on the market trying to maximize the brightness by operating above 90% of the raw lumen, and it leads to overheat thus damage the LED chips.  Instead, our Gold Ammo Panoramic LED bulbs always try to operate no more than 85% of the raw lumen at 50W and 4250 lm (effective lumen), and it enhance the life-span of our products.  Our Gold Ammo Panoramic LED bulb also come with a high speed fan with 12000 RPM to enhance internal circulation.  The position of our LUXX LED chip is right above the cooling fan, and is a much shorter distance compare to LED bulbs with LED chips on top at two sides.  The shorter distance enhance the efficiency for our high speed fan to cool down the LED chip.