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10 Best 4Runner Exterior Mods Anyone Can Do in 2023

10 Best 4Runner Exterior Mods Anyone Can Do in 2023

So you just bought yourself (or your significant other... you know who you are!) a 5th Generation 4Runner and now you're itching to make it your own. Maybe you don't want to commit to any serious mods yet. Maybe you don't have much mechanical experience. Or MAYBE you're just looking for a quick weekend project to quell your need to modify something. Here's our list of The 10 Best 4Runner Exterior Mods Anyone Can Do in 2023. Read on to check it out!

10 Best 4Runner Exterior Mods Anyone Can Do in 2023

Stealth Pro Grille for 4Runner (2014-2023)

Stealth Pro Grille

Let's face it... the look of the TRD Pro 4Runner is just THAT good. What's that you say? You don't have a TRD Pro? No worry! You can get the same great look without having to take out a second mortgage or selling a kidney.

Our Stealth Pro Grille for 4Runner (2014-2023) is a fairly simple mod that can be done in about an hour. Simply undo the plastic tray in the engine bay, undo a few plastic retainer clips and a couple screws, and replace the upper mesh grille on your SR5 or TRD Off-Road 4Runner. Next, apply the stealth black overlay bar to the upper-middle section of the bumper cover, and put everything back together. It's an easy mod anyone can do and the results are dramatic.

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Check out our Stealth Pro Grille install video below:


Raptor Lights for 4Runner (2014-2023)

Raptor Lights for 4Runner 2014-2023

Now that you've installed the Stealth Pro Grille, why not add some Raptor lights? It's as easy as popping the lights into the grille and running a few wires. We offer a few different Raptor Light kit options with Amber or White LED's and your choice of clear or smoked housings. This small touch finishes the aggressive front end look we all know and love.

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Check out our Raptor Lights install video below:


Baja Designs Squadron-R Fog Light Kit for 4Runner (2010-2023)

Baja Designs Squadron-R Fog Lights for 4Runner 2010-2023

The unrivaled lighting performance and simple installation of Baja Designs Squadron-R Fog Light Kit for 4Runner (2010-2023) makes these some of the best one-piece fog lights on the market. They feature four retina burning 3,150 Lumen LED lights in Amber or White, and come ready to run. Simply remove your front bumper cover and OEM fog light assembly, mount the Squadron-Rs with the included bracket and plug them into the factory wiring, then re-fit your front bumper cover. While this is a more involved mod, anyone can do it with a little time and attention to detail. It's well worth the work!

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Check out our Baja Designs Squadron-R install video below:


Window Deflectors for 4Runner (2010-2023)

Window Deflectors for 4Runner 2010-2023

Adding a set of our Window Deflectors for 4Runner (2010-2023) is of the most transformative mods you can add to your 5th Gen 4Runner without spending a ton of money or time doing it. They look aggressive and have the added benefit of blocking wind or rain from getting in when you need to crack the windows open (Trust us, your passengers don't think the aftermath of your Taco Bell run is funny...). To install these, simply clean the top edge of your doors with a clean rag and some isopropyl alcohol, peel the protective sheet from the pre-installed 3M tape, and press the window deflectors firmly to the door. In about five minutes, you have a great looking addition to your 4Runner that'll help out in so many ways.

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Exterior Door Handle Overlays for 4Runner (2010-2023)

Exterior Door Handle Overlays for 2010-2023 4Runner

Peel the adhesive and stick them on. It's as simple as that to do a chrome delete or to add some contrast to your 4Runner door handles. Our Exterior Door Handle Overlays for 4Runner (2010-2023) are made from high-quality plastic and come ready to install; no paint, drilling, or assembly needed.

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Carbon Fiber Mirror Caps for 4Runner (2014-2023)

Carbon Fiber Mirror Cap Overlay for 4Runner 2014-2023

Something about even a little carbon fiber communicates luxury and performance. You can find it on spacecraft, wrist watches, and often the interior trim of the 4Runner. It looks awesome pretty much wherever you put it. Applying these Carbon Fiber Mirror Caps for 4Runner (2014-2023) to your 5th Gen 4Runner takes about five minutes and gives your rig the same high-performance look you see on many sports cars. Simply peel the 3M adhesive tape and place them right over the factory mirror caps.

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Sequential Turn Signals for 4Runner (2014-2023)

Sequential Turn Signal for 4Runner 2014-2023

What's better than a blinking turn signal? A turn signal that blinks in a cool sequential way! Obviousness aside, adding our Sequential Turn Signals to your 4Runner (2014-2023) is a manageable job and gives your ride a futuristic detail that you'll enjoy catching a glimpse of when you lock your car or use your turn signals. They feature bright Amber LED lights and come in your choice of a smoked lens or black lens.

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Check out our Sequential Turn Signal install video below:


MESO Customs Puddle Pods for 4Runner (2014-2023)

If your 4Runner has factory pod lights under the side-view mirrors, you know how dim their halogen light bulbs can be which may make you wonder, "Why do I even have these?" Meso Customs has a solution for those dim lights with their Puddle Pods for 4Runner (2014-2023). The Meso Customs Puddle Pods are a direct replacement kit for the factory puddle light assembly. They feature 22 individual LED lights for maximum visibility, and are set up for plug-and-play installation with a custom bulb adapter and wiring harness pre-installed. Simply remove your factory puddle lights, plug the Meso Customs Puddle Pods in, and firmly press the assembly in place until you feel them snap in place.

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LED License Plate Lights for 4Runner (2010-2023)

While it might be the last mod you'd probably think to do, our LED License Plate Lights for 4Runner (2010-2023) are a quick and easy way to give your rig a more premium look while also helping to illuminate your license plate better. They're as simple to install as unscrewing the factory license plate lights, plugging in the new LED bulbs, and screwing in the new housings. Nothing like a quick five minute project to scratch that mod itch.

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3rd Brake Light Replacement for 4Runner (2010-2023)

3rd Brake Light Replacement for 4Runner (2010-2023)

Last but certainly not least, the 3rd Brake Light Replacement for 4Runner (2010-2023) is a quick and easy way to dramatically change the look of your rear wing. Whether you want to add a pop of red for extra visibility, or you want to finish out your stealth look, we offer this light replacement with either a red or smoked housing. Installation is a breeze only requiring the removal of two screws and unplugging then re-connecting a wire (an optional wire can be connected to the reverse light wire to turn the third brake light into an additional reverse light).

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10 Best 4Runner Exterior Mods Anyone Can Do in 2023 - Conclusion

There you have it! We hope you enjoyed reading our list of The 10 Best 4Runner Mods Anyone Can Do in 2023. Whether you just bought a 4Runner or you're well on your way to building your dream rig, there's probably something on this list you could do to give your ride an updated look or added convenience. Thanks for reading. Be sure to check out our full selection of 4Runner Exterior Mods at 4Runner Lifestyle. PEACE!

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