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How to make a Lego AI Toyota 4Runner

How to make a Lego AI Toyota 4Runner

We are going to show you how to make Lego AI of any car.  In this case we are going to be making a Lego Toyota 4Runner with AI. The best part about this is that it is completely free, and very easy to do.

Lego Technics Toyota 4Runner AI generated

So first of all...

How are these Lego AI car images made?

The answer is: They are created using Bing's new Image creator AI. 

You simply type in a prompt and the AI generates the image for you completely free.

Now it's important that we specify that we are not affiliated with Lego or Bing in any way and that this is purely just for fun, comedy and entertainment with no real purpose outside of that.  Sadly these lego 4Runners are not really for sale, and are just a work of fan comedy.

The first thing you will need to do is create a microsoft account to be able to use Bings new image creator AI.  You can find it here:

If you already have a microsoft account then that works as well. 

Now you will notice right when create your account or log in, there will be a big text bar that looks like a search engine prompt bar, as well as a number indicating a number of golden boosts you have with a lightning rod as an indicator.  This is showing you how many free speed boosted prompts you are given per day to generate AI images. 

Usually this number is 15 to start with. This is where you will type out your prompt for the AI to create.

The prompt we used to create this images was "The image ad for a Lego Technics Toyota 4Runner" which gave us very different results every time we ran that same prompt.

You can also add more or less details for what you want the final image to look like, including color, terrain, and features.

It should take a few minutes or seconds to generate your image and then once it's done it will give you 4 output images that are each slightly different.  You can simply right click on these and save them to your computer! 

And thats it! once you have figured out your prompt you are ready to go!

Here are few fun images we were able to create using this AI:

Lego Technics Toyota 4Runner AI

Toy Lego Toyota 4Runner Overland 4x4 AI

Lego Toy Toyota 4Runner AI

Toy Lego AI toyota 4Runner Vehicle

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Cherokee - February 20, 2024

My husband got a nice runner I would love this done to :)

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