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4X4 Colorado and Their Brand New Tents and Awning

4X4 Colorado and Their Brand New Tents and Awning

4X4 Colorado is taking the overland scene by storm! They have three different tent options as well as a 270 awning that is super budget friendly without sacrificing any quality. This company is innovative and have already made options available for making your camping experience more convenient.

Nimbus Hardshell RTT

The nimbus is a lightweight hardshell roof top tent that is built to last. The angular design features multiple doors and windows for crisp airflow and visibility, giving you a beautiful immersive camping adventure. This tent has LED lighting, large windows, and even a window vent near the front of the vehicle. This comes with a luxurious memory foam mattress that makes for a great nights rest with a view. 

Along with the LED lighting and large windows there is a built in gear storage area including a clear window for a tablet, an external shoe bag, and cross bars for additional mounting on top of the tent. This tent has everything you need for your next adventure and sleeps 1-2 people comfortably. 

Find this tent HERE

Stratus 2.0 Hardshell RTT

This tent pops straight up and gives you 350 views all the way around. This has organization compartments including one to hold a tablet above your head for a movie under the stars! This tent also comes with a super comfy memory foam mattress and peacefully sleeps 3-4 people. 

This tent also comes with crossbars on top so you don't completely lose mounting options just because you have a tent! 

Find this tent HERE

Alto Hardshell RTT - Aluminum Series 

This tent is the ultimate choice for your next adventure. With different variations this tent comes in an Aluminum Mini, Aluminum Elite, Aluminum Elite with Cross Bars, and the Alto Elite with Cross Bars. This tent has the capability to sleep 3 to 4 adults comfortably as well as gives you the options of keeping that roof rack up top for mounting abilities. 

This tent comes with 360 degree views, interior storage and cubbies, exterior shoe bag storage, and interior LED Lighting. This hybrid tent gives you the pros of extra space with the fold out option like a soft top, but gives you the necessity option of a hard top for protection against all the elements. 

Find this tent HERE


Cirro 270 Awning

This 270 awning is the largest awning in its class. Stretching nearly 20ft in length, and 8ft on the sides and 5.5ft at the rear this gives you all the shade you need. 

This awning has a super well developed Endo frame that gives it the strength to withstand all elements you encounter. It comes with the option to have a full wall kit giving you an awesome basecamp to escape the sun, wind, or rain but still be able to make the best out of your trip. This awning also comes with a killer LED setup so you can light up your awning. 



In conclusion, 4X4 Colorado is on the rise in the overland space. They take pride in their product, and are constantly adapting and upgrading their product to be the best on the market. Did we miss anything? Leave any comments or questions down below! 


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