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Top 3 Toyota 4Runner Fog Light Kits

Top 3 Toyota 4Runner Fog Light Kits

Aftermarket fog lights are a great way to upgrade your Toyota 4Runners light output while also making the type of light being emitted work better for you. Most fog light kits will come in a yellow or amber light which is more effective at cutting through fog, dust, and snow than white light. These aftermarket options include a variety of light patterns and colors that will give you the best functionality and light output for your Toyota 4Runners fog lights. 

Products Reviewed

Benefits of Aftermarket Fog Light Kits

Aftermarket fog light kits can be beneficial to you in a variety of ways. One of these ways is in the type of light they produce. Yellow and amber light can cut through dust, fog, rain, and snow more effectively due to its shorter wave length. This makes it easier to see through these conditions more than white light does. 

These aftermarket lights are also much brighter than the OEM fog lights. Most of the time the factory lights only get you a couple feet of visibility and do little to cut through any inclement weather. Aftermarket fog light kits on the other hand can offer more than 2,900 lumens of light! 

Diode Dynamics SS3 Fog Light Kit (@Adobo4Runner)

The Diode Dynamics SS3 fog light kit has to be one of my favorite fog lights on the market. Diode Dynamics has made this kit plug and play and can be installed in as little as 30 minutes. They give you three options of light output ranging from the base Sport light ($320) to the highest level Max light ($620) and you even get an option to include a backlight on these kits that perfectly matches any amber lighting you already have on your Toyota 4Runner.

Baja Designs Squadron SAE Fog Light Kit (@SLCRunner)

Baja Designs has been one of the leaders in the off road lighting industry and you can tell that quality and standard has made it into their 4Runner Squadron SAE Fog Light Kit. This kit starts at $442.95 and significantly improves the functionality of your fog lights. The Squadron SAE fog lights are over 150% brighter than the OEM fog lights and produce 3,150 lumens of light. 

Heretic Studios Fog Light Kit (@4RunnerNate)

 The Heretic Studios Fog Light Kit is the only true amber fog light kit on the market and is offered at a price of $339.99. The kit is completely plug and play and utilizes the company's flagship Quattro light which provides 2,904 lumens in a true amber color that will cut through any dust, fog, or rain that you may encounter. Heretic offers these fog lights with a lifetime warranty so you know that they stand by the durability of their product. 

Final Thoughts

After looking at each of these fog light kits you really can't go wrong with whatever you choose. It will come down to what price point and what light combo work for you and your needs. Each of these fog light kits can be found on our website here and an install video for the Baja Designs Squadron SAE fog light kit can be found on our YouTube channel here.

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