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Rago Fuel Tank Skid Plate For 4Runner (2010-2023)


The Rago Fabrication Fuel Tank Skid Plate for the 2010-2022 5th Gen 4Runner, is designed meticulously to provide a non-intrusive, strong and efficient skid to keep your investment safe. The front angle on the skid plate design was created keeping your fuel tank in mind. It supplies a new line of defense when it comes to deflecting rocks and maintaining structural integrity. Our skid plate is slotted to provide immediate reduction of fluids caught during your time on the trail. The contoured design of the skid plate provides protection while maintaining a sleek appearance. A solid and flat bottom implements a grip resistant surface to easily slide over any obstacles you may face. 

This skid plate is fully bolt on and a direct replacement for the oem cover which is inadequate for offroad usage

  • All hardware included
  • Easy install
  • Steel or Aluminum Option
  • Raw or Powder Coated Option
  • Fully Bolt On Design
  • Contour Design to Deflect Debris from your Fuel Tank
  • Slotted Bottom to Drain Water
  • Will Work With Most Rock Sliders
  • Made in America

3/16 Steel

  • This is your choice if you are looking for a heavier stronger skid plate. It will provide a hard exterior that will be best if you are a more advanced off roader doing more rock climbing.
  • Has the option to be powder coated black
  • 65Lb

1/4 Aluminium 

  • This is for the weekend camper and adventurer. That also daily drives their 4Runner.
  • Lighter than steel, maintains better fuel mileage while still adding more protection than the OEM skid. 
  • No corrosion or rust when exposed to all of the elements you may face.