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KTJO Driver Side Grab Handle 5th Gen


If your 4Runner did not come with a Grab Handle on the A-Pillar, then this is the Package that you need. It will utilize the OE parts to add the Driver’s Side Grab Handle to your 4Runner.

This is a Molded A Pillar with a Grab Handle that Mirrors the 2014-2022 Toyota 4Runner Passenger Side A Pillar with Grab Handle. If you have an older 5th Gen 4Runner, unfortunately your truck does not have that lower mounting location necessary to instaĺl this grab handle. This package comes with everything you will need to switch out your current OEM A Pillar that did not come with a Grab Handle. Items included in this package:

  • Replacement Windshield Pillar Trim, Left (B0-Grey or E0-Beige)
  • Replacement Grip Handle (B0-Grey or E0-Beige)
  • Hole Covers (B0-Grey or E0-Beige)
  • Tool, Trim Removal
  • Tool, Rivnut Gun
  • Hardware Bag

This will require removing the Driver's Side OEM A Pillar out from your vehicle. This Driver's Side Grab Handle will be a direct replacement for your OEM factory A Pillar and you will have everything you need to directly replace it.